Our Studio

Award winning creative agency.

Our Philosophy

What drives us is the idea of bringing beauty to as many moments of life as possible. There’s power in being moved & inspired by an image or a product of design. There’s action asked of the recipient. To go out and create their own moment to move someone else as well.
Whether it’s a space or a brand, a conversation or a home cooked meal, it’s essential to create moments that make us stop and feel something good. To share and exchange of energy that asks us to be better or create something that evokes that same feeling.
We hunt for that inspiration all the time, all of us. And it’s felt when someone puts a bit of themselves and what moves them into their own work. Whether that’s professional or personal. We live for making beautiful moments and opportunities of connection in the world.

Oak & Melanin is a multi-disciplinary studio that creates lifestyle elements that inspire the senses and encourage intentional living. With an emphasis on natural design, simple geometries, and uncompromising quality, Oak & Melanin's work connects the imaginative with the practical, resulting in a uniquely warm and honest aesthetic.

Since the launch of our studio in 2016, O&M has embraced an organic and collaborative approach to design; an approach that is equally inspired by the old and the new, by digital technologies and analogue traditions. O&M's naturalistic, hands-on approach to design and production has allowed the brand to create a unified aesthetic across a growing range of companies, and partnerships. including: brand identity, strategy, photography, and marketing.

Who We Are

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